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Silke Zetzsche is the Head of UK Commercial Partnerships at A Million Ads. She started out her career in digital planning and buying at one of the top global media agencies. There she started to be passionate about digital strategy, commercials and the use of data and its effect on creativity.

  • A Million Ads uses Dynamic Creative. Could you please explain what exactly DC is?

Personalisation and Dynamic Creative for digital media allows brands to use the targeting capabilities digital marketing provides to deliver every person a personalised ad, making it more relevant and generating greater stand-out.

  • What are your current options for personalizing audio advertising and where do you see as the biggest profit for companies?

We operate in three main categories for personalisation – IN THE MOMENT personalisation, changing the ad by date, time, location, weather, sequence, playlist, podcast or radio station and device type and OS.

The 2nd category is every single data point publisher, DMP or DSPs can pass us, for example, gender, age, audience segment, behavior and even name. The 3rd category are all about custom data points incl. API integration or 1st party client data etc. It is worth pointing out all 3 categories can and should be combined to enable creativity and not just functionality.

With regards to which data point or which combination is best or most profitable, this really depends on the campaign and the creative brief and objectives. At A Million Ads we deeply care about creativity and storytelling. We build software for creatives to be more creative in a digital world where advertising is individually scalable to every single potential customer. You can literally put yourself in the shoes of the end consumer, which is creative heaven! We have run personalised ads that combined a clever use of weather and time of day to create an emotional feeling for that specific moment the listener was in. We have also run campaigns that allowed a brand to deliver bespoke messaging to each of their 800 stores. So there is a whole spectrum of creativity and not just one size fits all. The best campaigns combine insights from both media and creative, work towards the overall objective, understand the environment the listener is going to experience the ad and most importantly are not afraid to break creative boundaries.

  • Why should marketers invest in audio advertising?

Audio is one of, if not the most trusted digital media channels there are, and brands need to fully embrace their brand and what is stands for without a screen. The consumer’s move to digital audio due to the increases in hardware; smart speakers for example, and the increase in audio content; podcasts, opens incredibly new and exciting ways for brands to speak to their listeners. The most fascinating part for me is that audio, when done well, can tell stories in such beautiful, impactful and emotional ways that allow listeners to create their own visual imagery and connection

  • What do you think is the most important unique selling proposition of audio over other media channels?

Music and sound make us feel something! We are emotionally programmed to feel through sound or music, it’s part of our evolution and our DNA! For example, watch Jaws on mute and it’s simply a stupid plastic fish in water, however, turn on the volume and Hans Zimmermann’s soundtrack immediately makes you feel something. 
For way too long audio or radio has seen a lack of creativity because it has been sold cheaply and seen as ‘add-on’ to increase reach. Now that there are plenty of new and exciting creative opportunities and consumers moving to digital audio content, brands have a real opportunity and obligation to be creative with audio advertising.